In order to provide safe and high quality products to customers, Penfibre constantly strives to strengthen its product safety and quality assurance control systems, and disclose relevant information to the appropriate parties.


Initiatives for Green Business Environment

With the aim of promoting technology innovation, Penfibre seeks to reduce its environmental load and provide solutions for customer.


Pursuing Environmentally Friendly Design

In pursuing the development of environmentally friendly products, Penfibre strictly implements 3Rs practives (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).


Reduce packing material usage by improve packing design.


Reuse packing materials such as iron pallet, plastic pallet, plastic core and holding board.


Implement *Zero Emission Project* to reduce waste.

Penfibre Environmentally Friendly Design Process

  • Set strategic objectives
  • Gather information
  • Green Procurement

Promoting Recycling

As a chemical fiber manufacturer, Penfibre has been always keen on the recycling of fibers and textiles, and plastics.


Principles of Recycling Activity (Adopted in March 2004)

  1. To design, produce, and sell products that have minimum impact on the environment.
  2. To purchase and use materials and products which has the least impact on the environment.
  3. To disclose information related to our recycling programs and recycled goods.
  4. To voluntarily cooperate with concerned parties to recycle or otherwise appropriately dispose of our products.


In the Fibre Division, the target of the Environmental Control Department is to reduce the generation of production waste by 3% annually.