Penfibre is well known internationally for its unique high tenacity, low
shrinkage polyester staple fibres. The fibres which have “super-bright” lusters
are specially manufactured for making top grade sewing threads that require
fibres with excellent properties and exceptionally consistent quality.

The company’s fibres are recognized for their ideal spinning performance and
are used by the world’s most popular brands in premium sewing threads.

Polyester Staple Fibre

Type Denier Cut Length(mm) Application Characteristic
T393 1.2 38 Sewing Thred Super Bright, High Tenacity,
Low Elongation, Low Shrinkage
T353 1.2 38 Sewing Thred
T333 0.85 38 Core Yarn
T401 0.9 38 T/C, T100 Semi Dull, High Tenacity, Low Elongation

Polyester Film

Lumirror is a biaxially oriented polyester film, produced on an
industrial scale for the first time in Japan by Toray. It is being used
worldwide in variety of applications ranging from electronics to
packaging, magnetic and industrial specialties.

Group Company Product

Film Products


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