Polyester Film

Lumirror is a biaxially oriented polyester film, produced on an
industrial scale for the first time in Japan by Toray. It is being used
worldwide in variety of applications ranging from electronics to
packaging, magnetic and industrial specialties.

Features & Applications

Lumirror has an excellent balance of properties which cannot be found in other films, such as mechanical strength, electrical properties, high & low temperature resistance and chemical resistance.

General industrial Lumirror

A multi-functional film with excellent characteristics, including strength, electrical properties, and chemical resistance. Widely used in various general industrial applications.

Packaging materials Lumirror

Equipped with excellent strength, chemical resistance, and transparency. Extensively used in food packaging (including snack food packs and pre-cooked retort-packed food) for printing and metallized films.

About Polyester

Polyester (polyethylene terephthalate film) was discovered in England in 1941 as a result of condensation polymerization of terephthalic aced and ethylene glycol. As a result of polyester's high versatility, its consumption as synthetic fiber and film is increasing dramatically. Following is its chemical formula.



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